Executive Leadership Offsite:   Pearl Harbor
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Executive Leadership Offsite: Pearl Harbor

$1,995 Per Person
*Price covers instructors, and transportation during the event.

First, and foremost - this is a leadership experience. The focus during a Staff Ride is on leadership and decision-making. We are not trying to recreate history, but using history as a tool for studying universal leadership principles through a lens civilians rarely get to experience.

We examine World War II from both the Japanese and American perspectives, and analyze the leadership and decision-making from pre-war Japan, to the attack on Pearl Harbor, to President Truman’s atomic decision to end the war. At Pearl Harbor we study executive level decision-making that leads to the gravest of consequences for all involved.

In groups of 10-20 we stop at key places to analyze what happened and why. Participants will make decisions at each stop based on what information the historical characters had available to them at the time. A Corps Leadership team consisting of a PhD military historian, and a retired military Officer will guide every group through the Staff Ride. Blending expert historical context with proven, strategic military concepts, makes this experience so impactful. Key principles and concepts covered translate directly to the business world:

- Leadership
- Crisis decision-making
- Rapid problem framing
- Understanding chance, uncertainty, and the fog of war
- Centers of gravity
- Empowering subordinates
- Trust
- Culminating points
- And much more.

PRICE: $1,995 Per Person

*Price covers instructors, and transportation while conducting the program. Download the PDF for more details.

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