• 7 Feb, 2017


Corps Leadership is a proud sponsor of “Honor our Marines” a 501c3 charity.

A "Warrior Night" is an event modeled after the traditional "Mess Night" in the Marine Corps, or a "Dining In" in the Navy. Conceived by Honor Our Marines, a 501c3 charity, with the intention of honoring fallen Marine aviators, has hence broadened to including all services in honoring the fallen.

By inviting civilians into a time-honored and cherished military event, the Warrior Night helps raise awareness and is a stepping point to help bridge the civilian - military gap. It affords veterans (retired and sometimes active duty) an opportunity to share the best of their culture of camaraderie, respect, good cheer, and somber remembrance with their civilian friends. Moreover it allows civilians the opportunity to spend time with, and get to know, their fellow Americans who served in the warrior class.

The Warrior Night consists of numerous events for all to participate in, some humorous, some somber. The evening starts with a cocktail hour for the group to socialize and move freely. The dinner then begins. Once seated in the Mess (the dining area), no one is allowed to leave until the ceremonies are complete. During the multiple course dinner, participants can call out each other for infractions, whether comical or serious. Rules of the mess are designed so that it is nearly impossible for one attending to be infraction-less, which adds to the fun. Participants guilty of infractions are “fined” and must then pay a small fee, usually about three dollars, and drink from the “grog”, a mixture of liquids, the elements of which are a mystery. The evening continues with amusing skits enacted by predetermined groups. The ceremonies then draw slowly to a close with speeches by the President of the Mess and the Guest of Honor. The warriors of past and present are then toasted with their sacrifices in mind. After the ceremony, all present are invited to join the President of the Mess at the bar.

Proceeds from Warrior Nights have enabled the building and maintaining the Marine Aviation Memorial Tower built in 2012 at Veterans Memorial Park, Pensacola FL. With that project a success, proceeds now go to various wounded warrior projects, as well as to raising awareness, and fighting the sad and inexplicably high suicide rates of veterans. Today approximately 25% of all suicides in the US are coming from less than 1% of the population - those who have served. A common theory of causation is the feeling of being anonymous and misunderstood in the society they have given so much to protect. Warrior Nights are a way to bridge that gap, one dinner at a time. Come enjoy a peak behind the curtain of one of the most outrageous, laughter, and emotion filled traditions in the military - and get to know your veterans.

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