Welcome to an enjoyable, informative and exciting way of understanding ourselves and others! The Personality Dimensions temperament instrument is backed by empirically sound research and continues to evolve as more people us it around the globe. Personality Dimensions operationalizes (makes usable) the concepts of temperament in a way that bridges theory to practice like no other temperament psychometric system.

Presented in authentic 'workshop' fashion where the participants do most of the work and discover insightful information about themselves and others. The workshops are highly interactive and fun!

Enjoy the self-discovery process involving discussion and sharing that makes learning easier to remember, and more importantly apply. Learning retention and application are very important to decision-makers in any workplace. They want to know the training they are providing will have a positive impact on their employees and make a difference to the company's bottom line. Since 2003, Personality Dimensions training has proven that it can deliver these results!

- Personality Dimensions is about preferences not labels.
- It is about similarities and differences and learning to appreciate both.
- It is about enhancing self-esteem and improving interpersonal communications.
- This tool does not pigeonhole or label people.
- You will gain a deeper understanding of the things that cause many of the challenges and conflicts in your life.
- You will gain an appreciation of the different preferences of other temperament styles.
- You will gain a deeper understanding of the value you and others bring to teams.
- You will discover new respect for differences and learn practical ways for improving interpersonal relations.
- All of this increases the effectiveness of teams in an immediate and impactful way.

- Contact us to schedule a fun and transformational training session!

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Wayne Beyer LtCol, USMC(RET)

Wayne Beyer LtCol, USMC(RET)

Instructor Biography:

LtCol (Ret) Wayne “Gonzo” Beyer is a 26 year veteran, Cobra pilot and leadership development specialist. He was a Leadership Instructor at the United States Naval Academy, the Director of Leadership at Command and Staff College, Marine Corps University, and is a Lejeune Leadership Institute Fellow.


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