The Art of Influence:

The Art of Influence:

Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

The Art of Influence leadership course fuses time-honored military concepts of leadership development with modern scholarly concepts of leadership development.  The Art of Influence is designed for individuals new to leadership positions, as well as current leaders looking for new pathways to improving their leadership effectiveness. Set yourself, or your new leaders up for success by investing in the proven concepts taught in The Art of Influence.

Corps Leadership’s Art of Influence course was developed by retired military officers who taught leadership at the United States Naval Academy, Marine Corps University, and Air University. The course is taught by proven, trusted leaders, who are retired military, mentor-instructors.

This is not an all-inclusive course because encompassing all that leadership may be is impossible. However, this course is intended to provide those entrusted with leadership positions, in any organization, a sense of the responsibility they have been given, to set them off on the right path by understanding crucial leadership principles, and to help them come to terms with their own leadership style.

This course consists of twelve (12), live, instructor-led, 90 minute lessons, delivered once per week online, anywhere and across multiple electronic platforms.

PRICE: $2,200

Course offered:
Jul 2018 - Sept 2018
Oct 2018 - Dec 2018

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Brad Graves LtCol, USAF(RET)

Brad Graves LtCol, USAF(RET)

Instructor Biography:

Brad was an Air Force Space Operations Officer who worked with Intelligence. He taught at Air University, and truly has a diverse background as a practitioner, scholar, and scientist with over 20 years of military experience.


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