Red Teaming For Businesses

Red Teaming For Businesses

Red Teaming For Business – Online Leadership Course

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"
-Albert Einstein

Red Teaming is cutting-edge, transformative, and on the cusp of becoming the next high demand, game-changing, competitive advantage producing skill in business. At it’s essence, this course teaches leaders how to purposefully, and effectively, challenge assumptions, mitigate bias, and counter group-think when identifying and solving problems. Our course accomplishes this by teaching cognitive self-awareness, applied critical thinking (ACT), and how to utilize group-think mitigation (GTM) tools.

"People and organizations court failure in predictable ways. They do so by degrees, almost imperceptibly, and they do so according to their mindsets, biases, and experience, which are formed in large part by their own culture and context. The sources of these failures are simple, observable, and lamentably, often repeated. They are also preventable, and that is the point of ‘red teaming’."(1)

Corps Leadership’s red teaming course was developed by the top Red Team instructors from the U.S. Marine Corps, and is provided by proven, trusted, retired military, mentor-instructor leaders.

Make a difference and become one of the first certified Red Teamers in business.

This course consists of twelve (12), live, instructor-led, 90 minute lessons, delivered once per week online, anywhere and across multiple electronic platforms.

PRICE: $2,200

Upcoming courses offered:
Jul 2018 - Sept 2018
Oct 2018 - Dec 2018

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(1) The Applied Critical Thinking Handbook (Formerly the Red Teaming Handbook) 7.0, Jan 2015, University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies (UFMCS), TRADOC G2 

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Brian McDermott LtCoL, USMC(RET)

Brian McDermott LtCoL, USMC(RET)

Instructor Biography:

A former Marine CH-53E pilot, Brian developed and instructed Red Team curriculum at Marine Corps University. He was interviewed by Bryce Hoffman as the U.S. Marine Corps Red Team subject matter expert for his recent book called:
"Red Teaming: How Your Business Can Conquer the Competition by Challenging Everything" (May, 2017)

This book can be ordered from our "RESOURCES" dropdown, on the "READING LIST" page, under the "THINKING" tab.


"I don't know what else to say: I didn't realize how limited my thinking was until I attended a Red Teaming course. Moreover, now that I am aware I have biases, I am much more open to alternative perspectives. This course has made me a more complete thinker and problem solver"- WRB.
"Red Teaming has really helped me in my business. My company has been so impressed with how I have been challenging the status quo, and identifying potential problems in our planning, they have given me a promotion and now consider me a thought leader in the company." -MS.

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