Wayne Bayer

Unlock Thinking -
Unleash the Leader Within.

"Transformation requires new approaches and fresh perspectives on challenges.   Those who undertake coaching see an increase in work performance, business management, self-confidence, communications, problem solving and life/work balance.  Additionally, studies show that virtually all companies and individuals who hire a coach are satisfied with their investment."
                                                                                                            *ICF Global Coaching Client Study.

Successful executives and leaders benefit from coaching in several ways:  

  •  Improve leadership / performance
  •  Succession/Transition Management: Ensure new and future leaders are set up for success
  •  Jump-start the next step in your personal career / leadership development
  •  Get help making a break-through on tough problems 
  •  Have an outside, experienced, proven thought partner and sounding board
     "After a recent promotion, I found myself overwhelmed, frustrated and unable to make measurable progress.  Coach Wayne spent time listening and understanding my challenges.  Wayne's tough questions forced me to think critically, and I was able to develop a plan, with realistic goals, to implement immediately.  With his help I discovered a new understanding of why I needed to break out of my comfort zone and into my new leadership roll.  It was not easy, but I have made significant improvements in my leadership.  I really enjoyed my sessions with Coach Wayne and I encourage others battling the challenge of increased responsibility to seek him out."

     "I can't say enough about the coaching I've received from Wayne!  After listening to my dilemma in a new leadership roll, and my goals, he asked a lot of questions that made me think critically about my situation. I have since become more confident in my leadership, and have received accolades for helping our organization do the right thing.  If it wasn't for Wayne's coaching I wouldn't have made the overture with my superiors and would not be receiving the praise and honor I am receiving today."