Wayne Bayer

Unlock Thinking -
Unleash the Leader Within.

"Transformation requires new approaches and fresh perspectives on challenges.   Those who undertake coaching see an increase in work performance, business management, self-confidence, communications, problem solving and life/work balance.  Additionally, studies show that virtually all companies and individuals who hire a coach are satisfied with their investment."
                                                                                                            *ICF Global Coaching Client Study.

Successful executives and leaders benefit from coaching in several ways:  

  •  Improve leadership / performance
  •  Succession/Transition Management: Ensure new and future leaders are set up for success
  •  Jump-start the next step in your personal career / leadership development
  •  Get help making a break-through on tough problems 
  •  Have an outside, experienced, proven thought partner and sounding board
     "After a recent promotion, I found myself overwhelmed, frustrated and unable to make measurable progress.  Coach Wayne spent time listening and understanding my challenges.  Wayne's tough questions forced me to think critically, and I was able to develop a plan, with realistic goals, to implement immediately.  With his help I discovered a new understanding of why I needed to break out of my comfort zone and into my new leadership roll.  It was not easy, but I have made significant improvements in my leadership.  I really enjoyed my sessions with Coach Wayne and I encourage others battling the challenge of increased responsibility to seek him out."

     "I can't say enough about the coaching I've received from Wayne!  After listening to my dilemma in a new leadership roll, and my goals, he asked a lot of questions that made me think critically about my situation. I have since become more confident in my leadership, and have received accolades for helping our organization do the right thing.  If it wasn't for Wayne's coaching I wouldn't have made the overture with my superiors and would not be receiving the praise and honor I am receiving today."

Coaching Coalition

There are a number of coaching & consulting niches beneficial to leaders that fall outside of Corps Leadership’s expertise. Here are some good people, doing great things, that fill our gaps.

Developing Student-Athlete Leaders of Character - LeadOff, LLC. - Justin Mears

Based on the foundational tenet that leadership and character are inseparable from each other, and that the opportunities provided by athletic participation offer the perfect platform to develop in these areas, LeadOff seeks to ensure that athletic departments across the country learn to be intentional about developing their student-athletes into leaders of character.


Executive Consulting - Poseidon Consulting LLC. - Patrick Gough

Executive level organizational leadership & management consulting.
Strategic Planning Military Expertise (Tactical/Operational/Strategic) - Aviation Consulting - Business Development - Partnerships/Outreach/Networking - Workforce Development/Succession Planning - Labor Relations/Collective Bargaining - National Security - Organizational Culture - Staff Functioning/Process Improvement


Retirement Coaching - True North Coaching - Lawrence Grey

You’ve done well in your career, invested & spent wisely, and worked hard to turn the retirement 'dream' into a reality. Are you really ready to 'pull the trigger'? Are your financial aspects in place? What will you do in retirement? Is a significant other part of the scenario? Planning for, moving toward, and embarking on this new adventure called 'retirement' involves challenging and important decisions. A retirement transition coach can help ensure you're covering all the bases.


Work to Family Coaching - Independent Life Coach - Natalie Wellington

Specializing in helping law enforcement officials, and EMS/fire safety services personnel, shift from leadership/officer status to a civilian role within their family households and lifestyles.
"Happiness is the most important aspect in life. As a professional Life Coach, I can help you reach your potential and make changes within your life. I Guide clients to develop realistic goals and plans designed for the obstacles in their lives."
~ Natalie


Life Wellness/Balance/Trauma Resiliency - Independent Coach - Janice Molinari

Responsibility can put a physical strain on the executive leader. Maintaining life balance is not just a health benefit but a leadership effectiveness imperative. Overcome an Illness, trauma, or life/work balance through empowerment and connection with self and body.